Sample medications

Someone said something about this in one of the other pages, it was for TN. Just because a generic comes out does not mean there are not samples of the brand name drug available from doctors.

There are tons of samples available, even GPs get samples of drugs they normally don't prescribe. Granted most of the drugs are newer, but believe me they still want you to get the brand name older drugs, too.

Most GPs don't handle severe damage to the occipital nerve.

The only thing I say about samples is be cautious! Most sample bottles or packets don't come with warning labels about side effects or severe side effects, which can cause more health problems at the least. My first neurologist loved samples as long as he was prescribing a drug for me that he knew was going to work this time! He was an idiot, he prescribed me a medication that caused facial numbness. I almost blacked out from pure terror when half my face suddenly went numb after 2 weeks on the same medication. I saw red when he laughed it off and had an " oh yeah" moment, oh yeah, that's a problematic side effect but not permanent, we'll stop that drug. This relationship ended when he put me on fentynal 50 mcg when the drug was in a recall stage due to it's leaking and allowing too much medication into peoples systems and possibly killing them. Turns out he knew about the recall, but just thought it was "nothing to worry about, really".

Just be cautious with samples of medication and get all the information you can from them.

Wow... if that doctor is blowing off significant side effects like that, as well as blowing off a medication recall, he needs to be fired, banned from practicing medicine, and taken to court for malpractice! He should not be saying that a recall on ANY narcotic is "nothing to worry about."

If you could help and remove it that would be great, I guess period after doctors and wipe out the rest. Sorry about that! I wasn't thinking straight or about the repercussions.

Abby said:

I totally agree with your discussion. It is some scary stuff and should be addressed. Can you go back and remove the doctors name? We have to be very careful with what we say and not use doctors name for liability issues and it is one of the guidelines we have to follow. Thanks Abby

If you need help with removing the last input, Scarred Z, I will be glad to remove it for you.

Yeah, I'm going through that now. my doctor somehow thought that putting me on a blood pressure medication would somehow fix my wire moving out of place on my implant... odd that.

Abby said:

No problem, my friend. I totally get it and agree with you. Some of the medication they put us on is horrible and makes us feel worse than before.