Running into things

Hey everyone… Just a question… I have noticed more lately than ever that I run into everything… Not that I don’t see what is there but I feel like it’s a little further away than it actually is… Does anyone else have that problem?

I go back to my ns the August 22nd… He told me that my herniation wasn’t large enough to cause any symptoms and I have no blockage but left the decision of having surgery up to me… I was diagnosed in march and I feel like since I’ve gotten the diagnosis I’ve been paying more attention to the symptoms… I just want to feel better/normal and I am afraid to have the surgery BC what if it doesn’t help but make my symptoms worse… Is that a possibility? The most common symptoms for me is headache, numbness everywhere (even my face, mouth, and tongue) and running into things… I’m just worried that maybe something else is causing them… I’m just tired of feeling terrible!

I run into things a lot because I misjudge distance. I get a lot of bruises on my hips from running into tables. I'm also very bad about veering sidewise when I walk which leads me to brushing the wall and running into door facings. Very frustrating.

It is very frustrating! Especially when your with or around a lot of people… all I feel like I can do is laugh along with them when I run into something that is right in front of me BC they don’t understand that I can’t help it…

I do that all the time. I had my surgery Dec 2011 and was due for my eye exam Feb or March of this year, just a couple months post-op. My vision had changed dramatically. My previously weak eye had grown stronger, my good eye had gotten weaker, and I have lost a great deal of my depth perception. I don't think it was due to the surgery since running into things began prior to that but it was interesting that the eye doc verified some of the visual issues. I also notice intermittent blurry vision and inability to actually focus on things. And yes, I have many bruises and stubbed toes from running into things that are closer than they appear. lol.

I've always blamed this on underestimating my gerth. lol