Rough mornings... what can help?

Since the past few months my symptoms have been far worse in the morning and not getting better until hours after I am up. Making going to work very difficult as I have to be there at 7. I get up at 5, use to be enough time to let my body acclimate to bring upright but not so much anymore.

Symptoms: Heart palpitations, dizziness, throbbing headache, body vibrations, weak, shaking, confusion, high body pain levels ect. Blood pressure and blood sugars are fine In the morning.

I drink plenty of fluids and eat before bed. Go to bed at a regular time. What else can I do to ease the symptoms so I'm calling in sick so often? I've thought of going to work later, but would have to work 3-11pm and am a single mom of 2 teenagers, not ideal work hours at all. Severe headache generally are later in the day as well.

I actually am already taking Propranelol (inderal). I also have Raynauds, so beta blockers aren't a good option for me as they can worsen that condition. But I had such horrible palpitations I wanted to try them anyway.
Been busy as usual! Now I am on my own again (not sure if you remember or last conversation) everything seems more difficult. Tired, tired, tired! Doing everything without any help, I'm sure, is probably part if the issue. Can't just be wonder woman anymore.
How have you been?

I do sleep with my head at about 45 degree angle already. Can't lay flat even for a few seconds, pressure in my headbuilds very rapidly.

I has smimilar symptoms before my surgery. I would walk into walks, stumble, slur my speech, have THROBBING headaches, etc. I tried everything. Medication, changing sleep patterns and positions, honestly, nothing helped. I woke the morning I had surgery with the same things. After-I'm a totally different person. I don't like "jump" out of bed (technically the recliner that I'm still sleeping in) but I'm not in pain, I'm not fuzzy for dizzy. I am still stiff, but that only lasts 10-15 minutes. I hope you find something that helps you! I can't imagine raising two teenagers with all this going on too! You are an incredible woman!

It has been quite a while, almost 9 months. I don't think my NS wants to treat me anymore because I live so far away (i understand). We do have a new NS here, Pfoffenbarger or something like that...

He put an ad out that he does decompression for Chiari. Wonder if anyone had heard of him or if he's any good. I think he came from Washington after a tour in the service in in Iraq.

Interesting thing is, he tended as chief of surgery during the war and extended his term of service due to a lack of qualified person to take his place. Yet even more interesting, his patients were exposed to chemical warfare & I work with some of the same chemicals (in pesticide form).

I haven't seen his name come up on my insurance provider list yet, so I've been waiting to schedule an appointment.


It is a challenge, especially considering one of my kids had Chiari as well. But what's a girl to do? You just have to roll with it...

She's pretty good. Sleeps allot! But fully functional abd hasn't missed a day off school yet this year. We are very fortunate. Could be far worse.

Pebbles, hey Bud! Can you see a cardiologist about your dysautonomia symptoms? There may be another med besides a BB. I have an idea for the morning problems … And sorry if this has come up before I can’t remember. If you have any form of CCI it may be getting exacerbated at night while you sleep. Bending your head/neck forward or backward is terrible for CCI, and we can’t regulate ourselves while we sleep. Can you get a cervical collar- even the a foam one- and sleep with it? When I sleep I curl forward into a ball and that was a killer for my brain stem and spinal cord. Have you had a sleep study yet?

I’m so sorry you are having a hard time with being on your own right now. I get that it is hard (I really do :frowning: but I don’t think that lump really deserved you. I see better days on the horizon for you friend. I’m excited to hear about this NS too. Hang in there and stay strong.

Love Jenn

No sleep study yet. I haven't ever even had a flow study. I am a side sleeper and use extra pillows to keep my head elevated and also use a shoulder pillow if it's more comfortable. I'm hoping this local NS may be able to see what's going on a little better as I could see him when the symptoms flare up.

As far as beta blockers I'm not sure what to do. I have Raynauds and the beta blocker I take has a warning not to take it if you have Raynauds as it can worsen the symptoms. Hopefully there won't be a six month wait for this new NS.

I don't know if Ihave cci or not.

Personally I need quiet in the morning. how you wake is a big deal as well get a clock with a soft alarm as harsh noises especially in the morning can wreck a whole day for me at least.

I really don't like the extra sale intake idea as my BP can run a bit high at times. Bit I haven't even thought of checking it recently. I will monitor in the am to see if that could be an issue. This morning is really bad, but my daughter had a friend over last night and they slept where I usually sleep, so I slept somewhere else and boy canI feel the difference! My vision is really blurry, I'm horribly shaky, my entire upper body is vibrating, and of course the headache That paired with a crazy heartbeat. It's my oldest child's 16th birthday today, so hopefully it eases up soon, busy day ahead... .