Rough evening with an awesome boyfriend

Took a nap yesterday and woke up to a different world. Dizzy, weak, hands were numb, nauseas, hot and overly emotional. Thank God no headache though. Almost fall over myself just trying to walk. Luckily, my darling bf comes to my rescue and takes great care of me. He gets me an ice pack,fetches the meds I need and hold my hands through the entire episode. Since he is so calm and understanding he refuses to let me worry about anything, which makes it easier to find my way back to healthy quickly! A few short hours later I am feeling well enough to sit at the table and play Farkle with his family. So blessed to be so far from home yet still have a GREAT support system.

I hope all my friends here are doing well. Sending my love and best wishes from the other side of the globe.