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Rochester, MN, mayo Clinic


I would happily recommend Dr. Bydon and the mayo clinic team for chiari surgery. After seeing 4 NS with little hope, I was referred to Mayo. Dr. Bydon was supportive and gave me a clear understanding of what would be happeneing. He did not dismiss my symptoms as anything else.

I had surgery Monday and have been doing great! One night in ICU, one night in general neuro care, and now I’m home! His team was very helpful as were all the mayo clinic staff.


Thanks for sharing that with us, Brenda. At some point, somebody is going to really appreciate your thoughtful words.

Seenie from ModSupport


Did you have to wait a long time to get into Mayo? My daughter was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago but at that time had no symptoms and now does. We have an appt with neurosurgeon with Sanford where we doctor but we are thinking about 2nd opinion at either Mayo Clinic or Gillette Childrens.


I waited about a month I think. Gillette Children’s is a great Hospital too. My friends son has Chiari and had surgery there and is doing great! Dr. Bydon at Mayo wa amazing. How old is your daughter?


My daughter is 14. Thanks for the info.