Ringing in ears worse in the morning

I have suffered from tinnitus for several years but recently it has become constant. Seems worse in the morning. The “whooshing” when bending and changing position has worsened as well. Is this an indication of anything specific? I seem to think I may have iih or pseudo tumor cerebri based on the following symptoms:
Double vision
Blurry vision
Head pressure
Pulsitile Tinnitus, constant, usually left localized (low to mid volume) positional
Ringing tinitus, usually left side oriented but does change sometimes to the right (very loud) rapidly and ends quickly as well
Extreme sudden dizziness when sitting
Heart palpitations
Of course, headache (pretty constant) pressure and throbbing
Ocassional slurring
Minimal balance issues
Constant back, shoulder and some arm pain
And so on
What do you and IHers think?

I have had a worsening since surgery 15 months ago,it has gotten really bad in the last 3-4 months.It has gone from being off and on to being consistent,now it is louder than it has ever been.I read somewhere that it could be a sign of hearing loss I am considering going to get a hearing exam.There are devices that might help tinnitus but they are expensive,not sure if insurance would cover them,that I haven’t looked into.Have you had decompression? Maybe it will subside as time goes by,hoping it will subside soon maybe we’ll get lucky and it will resolve over time.

I have not been zippered. Its on the list when I am ready though. My surgery was ACDF due to compressed cord.
Thank you for the reply!

I am pleased with the results of the decompression,and would do it again,if I had to.I will go for a CT scan Feb.to check for pressure,it could be the cause for tinnitus and other symptoms.Hope you get better,I will let you know if this is the answer.Maybe you will be able to get the surgery,it can help many issues but there’s no cure for chiari and other symptoms left after decompression,mine is dysautonomia this is one of those conditions caused by chiari damage.You have the signs that comes with chiari sure wish you good luck in finding answers.

If you don’t mind my asking who did your surgery?

There are so many subtypes I have no idea where to begin…

I have had ringing in both ears for two years nonstop. No surgery. In depth ent studies. Next stop ruematologist and geneticist. My brain, ears pulsate most of the time. I’m thinking eds but really have no idea.

Thank you for the info!

Dr.Rosner in Hendersonville,N.C.he is one of the best,a pioneer in this field.