Ridiculous er experience

I am the dean of a high school. On Tuesday, two students had a fight. I was between them but not trying to break it up. Calling for backup another student tried to jump in and punched me in the head. The back of the head. Very nice. So I went to the er and the twelve year old “dr” who looked at me was dismissive and disrespectful. I don’t think she even knew what a chiari malformation was. She told me to take Motrin for the headache and go back to work the next day. This after a two minute “exam.” It was awful. I went home and tried to rest but my head was pounding so bad. I went to my gp and he said definite mild concussion and multiple strains. He also asked me what he should say to the cocky twelve year old drs he saw at the er every day. Much more helpful at least. I know you have all shared about your unpleasant er experiences and just needed to vent mine.

Thats awful! (Both the incident and the ER visit) I am angry on your behalf! Lol

Its always good to vent. Wish I could offer some advice…but dont really know what to say.

What happened to the kids who were fighting and punched you?