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Retroflex odontoid Basilar Invagination/CCi/ filum sectioning

I wonder can anyone help I have retroflex odontoid, ? Basilar invagination confirmed Chiari malformation, small thoracic syrinx and a lot lumbar spine problems. I am awaiting rheumatologist and upright imaging to confirm the retroflex odontoid and basilar invagination ? CCI/AAI. I waiting an appointment with a Rheumatologist to check re possibility of EDS.I strongly suspect myself that I have EDS and occult tethered cord
I am wondering if anyone has any idea if surgery for CCI and Odontoid should be done before filum sectioning???Badly looking for any advice,
also if anyone has Basilar invagination or retroflex odontoid along with the Chiari would love to hear from you,in a very bad way with symptoms.