Looking at all of these profiles and seeing the small children make me think... hmmm why did they wait so long to do mine?! I have always had problems such as headaches, numbing of the limbs, pressure headaches and lose of eye sight.. They just would never listen. I think i may have resentments ?! Is that okay?

You have every right to be upset…You don’t have to apologize or feel bad about that. You can vent here whenever you need to…We really do understand. I’m so sorry your doctors didn’t take your pain and symptoms seriously sooner:( This is why raising awareness for Chiari is so important. Many doctors lack sufficient knowledge about Chiari and because of this, many of us go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed. My pain/symptoms didn’t present themselves until my car accident almost 5 years ago. So, I can’t completely relate to what you’re feeling, but with what I’ve gone through already I can definitely empasize. You have already been through so much:( I hope you get the care you need and feel better very soon. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks ladies, I am glad to know that its okay to feel this way.. i am actually suffering pressure again and i dont want the surgery again :/ with little ones it is hard ... I am glad that i found this website.. =)..