Reported to child protective services for following Dr. Frim's treatment plan

So our ex pediatrician did it. She reported us to CPS for medical child abuse fo saying my 11 y/o daughter has a mental illness we are refusing to treat. She did this even with a four page note from Dr. Frim in front of her saying she has a Chiari and suspected CSF leak.

The minute CPS called I said come on over. I had 100 pages of documents laid out on my dining room table copied and ready to go for them. They interviewed my daughter and my three boys also. She was very nice but I can’t begin to tell you how horrendous this is. She didn’t seem like she thought we did anything wrong but you never know.

She asked my sweet little girl what would be your greatest wish and she said for the doctors to fix my head.

Prayers for our family please.

Thoughts and good juju are heading your way. <3

I can’t believe you have to go through this I am truly sorry. Stay strong you have all your supporting documents. My prayers go out to you and your family.

I personally think this is her taking advantage of her medical power because she failed in treating your daughter. I will keep your family in my prayers. Keep your chin up the truth in your daughters condition will provide the information you will need to fight this. And once this case is closed you and CPS both should file a complaint with the medical board. We are all here for you!!


Mom to Mck, I think you are a great mom. I’m confident you are doing the right thing for your daughter and tend to agree that the Ped is using her power to make up for a personal issue. She is trying to interfere with Mckenzie getting treatment…