If you are on any other social networks please post to watch the Jeff Probst show tomorrow. Hopefully it will not just get breezed over. We need all the exposure we can get. Not sure if this is the right show to do it - but every little bit helps. Set your dvrs. May give validity if anyone has doubted you.

Thanks so much for posting this Beeba. I knew something was coming up on the TV but could not remember what and I had tried searching the discussions. I will be DVR'ing this for myself and sharing with a select few. I wish I could share wider but I have not shared with many people that I have Chiari, and not sure if I want to leave myself wide open to questions just yet.

Thanks again!


DVR is set. I even have a post it on my laptop:)

Can it be viewed on the interne

what is the segment called or what are they exactly going to talk about?

Ha I saw what the other segment is. I thought the same thing. :confused:

I saw what it was paired with too, and could not believe what I was reading. Hopefully the other segment doesn't effect viewers perception of how serious Chiari is for sufferers and their families. I am looking forward to watching tonight when I get home.