I recently put a post of generational want to do this because we are always questions and I would like to know what you were doing. We talk a lot about Chiari but what I am posting is to bind us more together than just having chiari and/or syringmyelia. You do not have to any but I think it is a good question that most of us have witnessed and endured the aftermath in one form or the other. Here is the question:

Generational questions since I have friends younger, older, and my age. Where were you during the 9/11 attack and what were you doing? If you are in the older generation it is a double for question for you same questions as above where were you when Kennedy was assassinated and what were you doing? My answer will be the first comment!

I was at my wife and I's apartment in Zelienople, PA. I was in the bathroom when she started to tell me about the planes. I missed the first plane but got to see the second. What a tragic day it was


My dear friend, age is only a number and with you and your loving guidance and never-ending support for all of us hear make you young for helping all of us and life has given you the wisdom and gentleness to help any of us out off some deep and dark places. You are very special, not only to me) but anyone you come in contact with.

I am grateful and very thankful for all that you do. I gain courage and strength from not only what you tell me but what you tell others. You are a very special and wonderful lady.

With the CM and SM stealing my math skills I would say you are not a day over 25 no matter what the calendar says.

On 9/11, I was teaching and it was during my conference period. I had gone down to the office to ask someone a question and the receptionist had the radio on and said a plane had hit the first tower. We were sitting there talking about it because at that time they thought it was accidental and a small Cesna type plane. While we were talking the dj stopped mid-sentence and said "oh s***......another plane just hit". The secretary and I looked at each other and said something like oh my God, we are being was an accident, no way two were.

As for Kennedy, I was not alive yet. My parents, sister and I were actually talking about this, and my mom remembers exactly where she was, what was happening, etc. My dad does not remember at all. That part surprised me, but he doesn't. He said he remembers what was happening when they announced his death later that day.

For my generation, the Challenger explosion was our big "where were you" like Kennedy was for y'all. I know exactly where I was, what I was doing, etc. I was living in Florida at the time and we had been down to Cape Canaveral multiple times with school that year because my 5th grade Science teacher was a back-up for Christa McAuliffe. So the day of launch we were on the grounds of Cape Canaveral. We were sitting on the grass near where the stands were. The liftoff was for a little after 11:30 that morning. Our teachers had ordered pizza and cookies and cokes. I was eating a slice of pizza as we watched it take off and we were watching waiting for it to be where we couldn't see it any more when we saw it explode. I can remember it getting quiet and everyone just staring. Then I can remember hearing my Science teacher, he was crying and asking why and saying it should've been him because he didn't have a wife and kids like she did. Quiet bus ride back home that day. And even now, almost 30 years later, I still cannot watch anything about it, nor can I watch any space shuttle anything at all on tv.

9/11 I worked for a long term care pharmacy and we got a call from the pharmacists wife to turn on the tv. Seconds after the second plane hit. I had a small daughter at tr time and all I could think is I have to gety daughter. We were fixed to the tv for days. I live in PA so when the plane crashed in western PA we all became very scared. We watched tanks and military equiment roll through our town on the was to DC. We live close to one of the biggest manufacturers of military vehicles and shelters.

I was in elementary school watching the Challenger launch. I will forever remember my teachers crying and comforting each other.

Does anyone else remember when he man shot himself on TV? It was an early dismissal for our school that day and my brother and I watched it happen live. It was hard for us to understand at the time but now that I look back it was pretty horrific.

Cole thank you very much I forgot entirely about the Challenger being destroyed/exploding. I was in 9th grade at the time. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

Jen, I don't remember a man shooting himself on tv, when/where did that happen?