Rehab anyone?

Hello all

I was wondering if anyone has received treatment (pre or post decompression) for Chiari symptoms that helped - really helped - not helped a little bit for a short time!

Specifically wondering if specialized Chiari centers offer any sort of treatment/counseling/education (or assessment!) of cognitive function, balance, dizziness, muscle cramps, back pain, hand weakness, urinary incontinence, autonomic nervous system symptoms, and headache pain. Even any education on all the different anatomical structures in the spinal cord that can be compressed with tonsillar herniation.

Please do not list medications nor acupuncture nor chiropractic services nor cranial sacral therapy. I am setting the bar high!

And go....

I would get in touch with your social worker during or before your hospital stay for decompression. My supports at home to recover aren't all that consistent, so I was able to get visiting nurse services covered (someone to check in on the incision, physical therapy, OT, social work). I think it will all depend on your need/medical necessity, but if you build a good enough case you can get some good services, granted insurance covers it. I doubt my services will be lasting over a month but it gives me some peace of mind and pain relief to have some extra eyes on my incision and functioning post-surgery.