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Regaining strength in hand


Let me give a little history before my question. My son started having severe upper back pain in February. A mild degree of scoliosis was found and he started physical therapy. Soon after, his headache began and still hasn’t stopped. In early July, he lost all strength in his left hand. A couple weeks later, he lost strength in his right hand. He was finally diagnosed with a chiari 1 and syrinx. His old LP shunt was tied off as they believed it was over draining. An EVD was put in to gauge his shunt dependency, and since he clearly needed one, a VP was placed. Last week both hands showed signs of atrophy. It’s been a week and a half since the VP was placed, and he’s been doing occupational therapy. Suddenly, his right hand has seemingly returned to normal strength despite still looking atrophied. I’m wondering if the loss of strength is usually intermittent (will the weakness come back?), or could the shunt be relieving pressure and maybe the nerves for the right hand weren’t permanently damaged?