Red splotches on chest, neck, and cheeks

Anyone else get red splotchy patches for no reason? I have for a few years but lately it has been several times during the day. I do have anxiety and thought that was the cause but now it just comes out of no where any time. Some times it is redder than others.

I am still in limbo with doctors. Went to a new neuro but mainly to try Botox which i get next week. He didn't care about any of my primary concerns or Chiari just headaches. Waiting for another MRI a new neurosugeon because something still isn't right. Headaches/migraines are getting worse, had another infection on my incision (9 months post op, 3rd infection) and now when you push on the top of my head or back of my head it sends shooting pain.. kin

d of like when you hit your funny bone only it hurts.

Sw, honestly I’m glad your seeing another NS- fresh, unbiased eyes.