Recurring symptoms

Has anyone else had there symptoms come back years after decompression? I went almost 9 years without any major problems but the last 6 months or so symptoms have been progressively coming back. Headaches slurred speech, memory problems, balance, etc. I have an appt with ns on July 15 hopefully I get some answers just wondering if anyone else has had this happen?

I’m not sure if they opened the dura I had the surgery when I was 16 and didn’t ask to many questions like I should have. I had an mri in 2008 and it showed a 1 cm drop but the ns I went to said everything was fine and that the surgery was a successful decompression. but I didn’t have to many symptoms then so I just let it go.

I am in the same boat. I had my surgery in 1999 and within the past 5 years, not only have symptoms come back… They are now more intense. I have no idea what to do!!!

I’m sorry you going through this again too. But I’m glad I’m not alone with this I thought I was going crazy because it had been so long. Have you gone to the ns yet ? Or had an mri done?