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Recovery expectations

I am heading for surgery in 3 days. Can anyone tell me what I am
about to encounter during recovery time? does it get better? I just want
to have a idea of what I am going to encounter.
I am hoping to be back to work in about 6 weeks, is that a reasonable
expectations? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you everyone

I think it depends on the severity of your symptoms and how the surgery actually goes. I am 11 weeks out and would be happy to share my experiences with you! Feel free to message me or ask questions. I am no expert, but between all of us we should be able to help. Best of luck with your surgery!


I agree with Emily. Everyone if different. I was able to return back to work after just 3 weeks. My recovery has been very easy compared to many. If you have any specific questions please ask. They first week is the worst. Make sure you have muscle relaxers along with pain killers. Also ICE is the most amazing thing in the world. I still lay on it now, 6wks post op, and it helps so much

Best of luck and speedy recovery!

Good Luck. Make sure you ask for help when ever you need it. My neck and face muscles where really sore so the advice about muscle relaxers is a good one. Bring several pillows for the drive home and have soft things to eat at home in case you don't feel like taking too much effort to eat. Let us know how you make out

I’m 3 weeks post op, I was really looking forward to my op, anything to take away the pain. I’m tired mostly planning to go back to work next week. Still in lots of drugs but knowing it will get better every day. All the best

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@Sophia1021 congratulations on getting through the surgery. I pray for a speedy and complete recovery for you! Please keep us updated as I am following everyone here in order to learn how I can best help my daughter. She is 11 and was diagnosed in August. I am especially interested in how surgery helps relieve the various symptoms. May God continue to bless you and renew your health!
Kindest Regards, Angel