Ready to go home

I had a VP Shunt put in on Monday and I am still in the hospital. My neurosurgeon has made it very clear to me that all of his other patients that have had this surgery went home the next day and I am way past my stay. Needless to say this has been the worst experience of my life. On top of my doctor being rude, yesterday my bladder stopped working and I had to get a foley put in. They took the foley out this morning and I still couldn’t pee, so then they put in a foley for the sole purpose of draining my bladder and took it out. The doctor just left my room and seemed upset because I was asking questions about how exactly the foley will work and the full purpose of the foley. I am so ready to go home.

They think my meds is the cause for my bladder not working. So in the morning they are going to put in a foley after I void for the first time to see if my bladder is drawing or if I am retaining fluid in my bladder

I'm so sorry, Amy.

I've been there with the rude doctor who thinks you should be leaving the hospital sooner than you are ready.

Obviously, you can't leave if you can't pee. Stand up for yourself and get what you need before you go home.

Catheters are no fun - I hope things improve for you soon!

Amy you have my prayers for your bladder issues healing quickly. Sometimes home is just what we need until we get there and decide it was way to early to go... If you can't go, then you can't go! Wishing for improvement for you, soon!