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Random Sweats

Does anyone here start sweating for no reason? It happens to me when i have the AC on high and sitting right under the fan… Ill start sweating bad and then itll stop and start randomly again

Good day I am sicker than sick and in bed this week - ordinary flu not the exotic Chiari symptoms that bind us together. I may not make sense… just warning you… but I come from a well-wishing place. You are reaching out on this web-site and reading lots, so I hope that you get lots of information and a feel for other people’s experiences. I am not in the States and am not familiar with medical insurance coverage and what happens when you do not have any.

I do think that it would serve you well to speak with a real person about dealing with a strange condition, not having a medical team to care for you, and having a family that is not supportive. Navigating the health care system with a poorly understood condition was and is difficult for most people on this site.

It may be good to talk with a counselor, psychologist, pastor, or patient advocate to help settle you down and find strategies that will help you. Having a crazy Chiari brain does not always lend itself to rational thinking. Allowing real people to help and knowing how to find those people is hard and takes time.

I truly wish you well in this challenging journey.

Thank you very much, that is very wise and sound advice, which I will take to heart. Again im grateful for this place to be able to search for and recieve help like this!

Hi I’ve been reading some of your posts on here and am so sorry for what you are going through. I’m 22 and don’t have children so I can’t even imagine what it is like-especially to have awful headaches around kids!
I do experience random hotness usually accompanied with a rapid heart beat and feeling like passing out.
I would look into seeing Neurosurgeons in other states who accept Medicaid- it may be less expensive to travel to have treatment done under your insurance.
I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your job but this illness can be a lot of work, use this time to learn about treatment and be an advocate for yourself. I had to stop school because of the intense pain. it’s not easy and I hope that you get help and the support you need xo

Yes - my son gets it - he struggle to control his body heat. My neuro told me - remember you have pressure at the base of your spine - this is your breathing and feeling site so the pressure will affect everyone differently - my son has the feeling like he cannot breathe - the then panics and has panic attacks - sometimes his one side of his face is so hot

Vette 1811 I get what I call passing out spells. I will be sleeping, just doing anything or nothing at all and I will feel my neck n face getting warm then I start getting a shakey feeling n then I start feeling light headed. Then I will sweat so bad that I get soaking wet. As I am sitting here writing this it is happening. Sometimes it gets so bad I have to lay down. I feel like the life is being sucked out if me. Then it will go away. I get drenched when I sweat like this. My clothes will be soaking wet some times. I have had a shunt put in my head for fluid build up and had the chiari surgery. It’s worse now than before. I am older too. 58 yrs.