Quick question!

Just a quick question as I STILL don't know the answer to it.

Does chiari herniation size gradually get worse over time? And will this mean that a syrinx will likely develop?

I have 15mm herniation, no syrinx, but I'm anxious that I'll develop one!

Jessica xx


While it is true that some do develop a syrinx with their herniation I haven't found any information in the year or so I've been searching for answers that connects them with size of the herniation. When I was first diagnosed I was told my herniation was at 5mm. Overtime it increased to 17mm and just recently (my neurologist has me doing MRI every 3 months) they have noticed that I'm starting to have displacement of disk and vertebrae but still no sign of a syrnix. The only thing I have found about the possible connection between the two is if the malformation causes a long term disruption of the CSF through disk herniation or even directly slowing things down that a syrnix has a chance of forming. Either way, a CINE MRI would give you the answer. I understand how anxious it can be thinking of having something like that develop the best thing to do is to talk to your neurologist about it.

I think there is too much variability to correlate syrinx development with herniation size.

I don't know what the measurement on my herniation is (my doctor was more concerned with the herniated disks and displaced vertebrae that caused me pain), but I'll find out in a few weeks at my next MRI.

Like Abby, I've had symptoms all my life, but the neck and shoulder issues deteriorated so much over a period of 4 years that I had a spinal fusion last year. From year to year, it looked like there there was a syrinx developing, but the removal of pressure may have averted it. I'm also curious whether adding the artificial disc between my vertibrae and straightening thing up may have alleviated the pressure for me to avoid it.

Good luck in getting some answers.