Quick Question about Hoffmann sign

I just received my report from the last appointment with my NS and came accross something i remember dicussing in her office, bur can't remember what it meant. She states that I "has a prominent Hoffmann sign on the left". Does anyone know what this means and if it's anything to be concerned about? She thinks I may have a tethered spinal cord and am waiting to have that done at a facility where they can administer meds to relax me enough to control the terrible pain from laying flat. She also noted that my herniation is 1cm as apposed to the 8mm i've been told for the last eight months. Why do these numbers change like this, it did't seem to matter to her any because she mainly focuses on symptoms not size. hope this made a little sense, my head is feeling as though it will explode right now and im not thinking clearly. Hope everyone is having a pain free day as possible:)

Thanks for the link. It's an interesting article. I do have a herniated disk in my cervical spine, so perhaps that's what she was looking for. I agree, we should have the upright MRI's done but haven't heard of many places who offer it.


You mentioned that you have pain while laying flat. I get this too, especially if laying on my back. Do you know what the cause is?