I know it is best to discuss with my dr but I do not see my neurosurgeon until Friday the 13th of September. This is random but when laying down my left eye will not see everything the correct color it turns everything Dark like only shadows while my right eye can see the exact colors and light shining in. is this caused by my chiari.

Also have another one for ya'll a bit more personal I do know people that cannot control their bladder or bowels or walk due to chiari so does spotting/bleeding all month consist to this to if nothing shows up as the reason. I mean honestly sick and tired of the on off mess its like the hormones my brain is sending off are out of balance and I just cannot take the on off. Even my bf is getting annoyed with it no its not cause of the blood its cause of the worry that things are worse off and no doc can fully explain why. I am just so tired of spotting/bleeding its expensive and my bp has dropped to 95/53 so really just feeling weak and tired.

All my reg doc says is she is out of ideas to help my neurologist took me off all meds due to every bad side effect me getting and my low bp he doesn't know what to do except send me to my neurosurgeon that said observe for now last time is there anything I can do till this appointment to ease things off or is it a suffer n wait

Have you been checked for Ehlers Danlos that may maybe explain the eye problem and low BP may be some kind of orthostatic Intolerance. Ask your NS about your concerns with your BP could be POTS.

No I have never been checked as far as i know. and sure couldn't hurt to know.