Questions about Chiari 1 & CT Scan

So I was in a car wreck 8 days ago and they did a CT and X-Rays. I have my DVD of the images. The report says everything is normal although I have been diagnosed with CM1 and had multiple MRIs showing 4-9mm but it has been 2 years since my last one. I had never had a CT before. Is anyone familiar with what a CAT scan would look like in regards to CM. I tried searching around online with no luck. I am taking these to my PM and PCP tomorrow and they wont have a clue what to look for and since the report says normal they will probably think "oh good the chiari is gone!" as well as my DDD which apparently didn't show up on the spine X-Ray's. I just want to be able to back up what I'm saying so that I am treated fairly, which doesn't happen often.

Thanks very much!

Hi, a CR scan can show a Chiari - but it’s much more difficult to see. Ct is not the correct scan to diagnose it, an MRI is. Unless you’ve had a tumor removed or tethered cord released, or the pressure in your head changed- I don’t think your herniation would just go away. I’ve never heard of it, myself. Good luck at the docs appt.