who snorts? I don't know how to discribe it other then I loose control and make this snorting noise. I asked my nero surgen and she was at a loss I did it before the surgery and now after It is realy bad. Does anyone know what i'm talking about.

My daughter “snorts” when she laughs. It’s actually pretty cute! 3 of her her sorority sisters do too, now it’s gotten to the point that when one does it they all laugh and can’t stop!!! I know hers is from very large tonsils and adenoids, she’s never had them out. Her dr. Said that there has been shown that there is a link to women that have had them removed and breast cancer. My mother had it so we didn’t want to risk it. They never bother her and cause no problems, they are just really big. My son had to have both removed.

Sometimes this thing happens many times in a row that feels like the begining of a sneeze but I don't sneeze I snort maybe 8-10 times. It happens quick and is annoying and borderline painful. It's almost like their is dust in my nose and I am trying to get it out. Don't know if that is what your talking about. It only happens once every few weeks for me and my kids think it's funny. My son says "Furball" and laughs his little fresh butt off. : )

I think its one of the those things that some of us have. a strang thing that can't be explained. Mine is more like a snort that last a lot longer then a normal snort but it has been getting better the longer its been since the surgery.