One of the worst feelings I have is this jumpy pins and needles feeling in my hands, feet and legs. Does anyone know of a medication used for this as I await my appointments with my NS...thanks

It drives me crazy...when is your surgery? I am still looking into a doctor. I have an appointment next week with a second opinion and then also hoping to get a referral to see Dr. Bejjani in Pittsburgh.

I take 75mg of Lyrica, it is perscribed for neuropathy in diabetes patients but my NS and neurologist use it for these symptoms. I hate that feeling I describe it as the annoying pain you get when your hand/ leg go to sleep and its that in between pain tingling when there waking up. Anyways Lyrica took about 2wks to work. I live in IN and tne starting dosage here is 75mg Q8hrs. Hope this helps