Question to those who have had surger

Hello all, i just had a quick question to those of you who had had decompression surgery. I was wondering if anyone who was told they have a small herniation or told that their chiari was benign has had the surgery?

I was told that my chiari was very benign and that i should not have the surgery. However my symptons are very severe. It is very hard for me just to get through my day. I work full time and i am also a full time mother. I feel like all of the Neurologist that i have seen think that just because i am able to get through my day, that my symptpms are not that bad. I am having to call into work very often because i just cannot get out of bed. Everything only seems to be getting worse.

I have an appt with a NS on Oct. 16th and i hope he can understand that i am just not getting any better and that my medication just isnt working for me anymore.

Thank you in advance!

I was at about 6mm but my NS explained it great by describing a drain stopper, it doesn’t matter how far down the stopper goes once it clogs the drain it stops the water from flowing down. Same goes for your spinal fluid.

Sue I think that is the best explanation I've heard yet. My MRI says mine is 6-7mm and I'm in the Same boat as Alejandra but I see my. New NS this Monday and he does treat patients with this and hopefully it goes good.

Best of luck to the both of you!

Alejandra, size does NOT = severity of Chiari. Degree of symptoms should be the deciding factor plus other factors such as a syrinx or severe apnea. If an NS tells you Chiari is not causing symptoms that just simply tells you have seen an NS who doesn’t understand Chiari. Many of us have seen several NSs before deciding on one. Please look into Ehlers Danlos Symptoms too before you decide on an NS. EDS is an equally important factor in deciding treatment. You can google the Brighton Criteria and the Beighton Criteria to see if you may fit into the EDS category.

:slight_smile: Jenn