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Question - new symptoms 2 yrs post op?

The only symptom my daughter had prior to surgery in 2015 were severe headaches. She was decompressed, first vertebrae removed and the door was open. She’s been fine but the last six months she’s been feeling really dizzy when walking. Has anyone had these type symptoms start years after postop when never having them before? Thank you so much!

Goodness, I developed dizziness and balance issues after surgery that lasted for 8 months until I found something that banished it. Maybe not banished but it resolved for 6-8 months and then I had to do the exercises again. I have not had to do them for over a year now.

By all means have a doctor see her if you haven’t already. I know that I did. I also spent a lot of money paying for different vestibular therapists or physical therapists when it was not my vestibular system. But it could be! Assessment is the key. If paying people to help does not provide the solutions that you need there is what I did.

What I did find was primitive reflexes for helping how my brain was processing vestibular and orientating information. The Chiari brain can get it wrong even after the surgery. The exercises are listed under “Newbies” here on the site. If you are going to give them a shot, I would suggest printing them off, practicing them yourself, (ask me questions if you like), then starting with demonstrating and instructing your daughter in how to do just one. Patience and persistence. For myself, I found that doing the exercises (I do all of them as I am past the stage of learning them) twice a day for 3 days. Repeat when or if the dizziness returns.

I cannot say enough on how grateful I was to find these exercises from a brilliant physical therapist. They were truly a life-changer for me. Good luck in working through them. The hard work is definitely worth it.