Question for post op recocery

Hey everyone I just had a few questions about what I should consider normal or not about my recovery. Luckily I’m off major pain meds they gave me norcos 2 every 4 hours, but due to the holidays and the new pain med laws they couldn’t call me in a refill. Luckily though I’ve been able to take my Tylenol #3 for pain which is worst at night. But I have this feeling of pressure in the back of my head that doesn’t hurt but is very annoying. Maybe it doesn’t bother me as bad since I’m use to the headaches. But there feels like a lot of pressure. And I feel more to sensitive to feeling either to hot or cold. My kids are griping because I have the thermostat set at 69/70. I had my surgery on the 21st I don’t know and I seem more quickly irritable I feel for my family and thank god they understand I can’t help it. But I still hate yelling at them for everything they do.

You’ll definitely have some weird feelings as you recover. Pressure isn’t unusual just make sure there is no swelling or fluid build up around the incision. Sometimes staying reclined instead of fully lying down or sitting up can help!

Irritability and mood swings seem to come with recovery too! Hang in there! It will pass soon! Just remind your family that it’s the surgery talking!

Hello Elisa

Problems with body temperature regulation can be a longstanding issue post-surgery. It gets better with time! Sweaters and slippers for whoever needs them and consider it a trial run for hot flashes.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with noise /activity/thinking/multi-tasking/TV/computer/socializing. Getting irritable and yelling at your kids is an unpleasant reminder that you have done to much! Been there - it is not fun for anyone involved. Delegate, ask for help, pare down your expectations, and take lots of rests (yes lay down with lights off rests) throughout the day. Seriously! Good luck to you


Yes yes yes and yes. I'm only 5 weeks out and I still have some more like pulling sensation in the back of my head. I couldn't sleep for a few weeks because I was either sweating or freezing and occasionally both. I took percocet for the first two weeks then switched to Tramadol. It's less potent but seemed to help just as well. I also take Valium at night for muscle relaxation to sleep. My NS gave me Flexiril at my 4 week follow up to take during the day. Also SLEEP! SLEEP all you can. I know it must be hard with kids, but sleep is necessary for healing and moods! According to my NS & NL, you should be tired and lethargic from the anesthesia for 1 week for every hour you were under. So if your surgery was 4 hours long, you'll probably be tired and cranky for about 4 weeks. This was true for me almost to the day. I went from taking 2-3 hour long naps everyday to being up and energy all day just over the weekend.

As for emotions, I'm still a cry baby and have no stabilization of my moods whatsoever. I cry all the time for no reason. Well I'm guessing hormones re-regulating, but still-A LOT of crying.