Question about shoulder and arm pain?

It has been awhile since something new has creeped up on me and I am not sure if my CM and SM are to blame or if this is something else. Hopeing for some thoughts, answers. In the last week I have started to experiance what feels like very soar, and VERY weak muscles in my arms and shoulders. Sometimes it feels like I am carring a ton of bricks on my shoulders and the pain in my arms comes and goes. Some tingaling in my hands but that is not new to me. I cant explain this I feel like I have just done a horiffic weight lifting workout with my arms and shoulder but I have not. Has anyone experianced anything like this? Any help would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Tiffany

Most Chiarians have neck, shoulder and arm pain & weakness. It's usually only on one side. Mine is the right side. I had Ablation to stop the pain. It worked. You may even want to ask your Dr. about a nerve study for a Thoracic Outlet. I am sorry you are also having this sensation. I know it is painful.

Happy Thanksgiving Tiffany,

Tracy Z.

I also have pain in my shoulders and down my left arm. Could you describe what your feeling as having something wedged in the joint in your shoulders? Also like your arms are just going to be severed from your shoulders? I saw this and was wondering if we were feeling the same thing. I know its fairly commong for people with Chiari to have neck and shoulder pain, but it seems some have it worse than others. I use Thera-Gesic sometimes. It seems to help a while. That or Bio- freeze may help. You could also try laying down with warm rags on your shoulders. I also use a clay filled pack that I bought at Kroger, you can put these in the micro wave. That helps alot:) I hope you find a way to ease your pain.