Quantum Neurology?

Has anyone tried quantum neurology for help with symptoms? It’s done by a chiropractor but there’s no adjusting involved. I want to try it but am apprehensive so thought I would ask you all.

From what I have gathered so far is that it somehow heals the nervous system. It focuses on the evaluation and rehabilitation of every major nerve on the body. I am not sure if it helps or hurts but we try everything possible that may help. My friend recommended it to me. The doctor that does it works with MS and parkinsons patients. Here is a blurb I found on the internet.

Put simply, Quantum Neurology is a collection of techniques that evaluate and restore every major nerve in the body--this systematic rehabilitation allows the body to function more efficiently, allowing previously wasted energy to be used for healing. More importantly, Quantum Neurology focuses on allowing nerves that may be associated with painful or debilitating injuries or conditions to reset or repair so that the body can heal itself.

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation is a safe non-invasive technique that allows the doctor to evaluate, correct, and re-evaluate every major nerve in the patients' body. This is accomplished with a specific series of upper and lower body muscle strength tests designed to evaluate the entire spinal cord. If a weakness is found, the doctor works with the patient to stabilize specific areas of the spine, head or abdomen in order to correct each muscle weakness. You can immediately feel your increased strength and range of motion! In fact, it's common that a person will feel substantial results in only a few weeks.

Hope this helps some,


I believe it uses some type of vibration and light device. I’m very apprehensive as I was adjusted many times prior to my diagnosis and believe it worsened the chiari. This seems to work more with the nervous system. Just looking into it.

I will post links and anything else I find.