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Pseudomeningocele dispersion

Hi Everyone. I had Chiari Malformation decompression Surgery this summer. I am much better than before the surgery as my headaches, occipital nerve pain and balance problems have all gone. I have however got neck pain from a large pseudomeningocele. My neurosurgeon says it will disperse over time. Just wondering if any of you have had this and how long it took to disperse.

I’m so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. Have they done multiple imaging studies to make sure it isn’t worsening? I can’t comment on spontaneous dispersement, but will share my experience in case it helps. I had to have a second surgery to correct mine, but mine arose 3.5 days after surgery and got increasingly worse, and highly symptomatic (high fever, unable to move, etc). After my second surgery I had a few weeks of intense headaches/pain/etc, and then at the three week mark started feeling dramatically better. I’m about 16 weeks after the revision and feel better than I have in five or six years! As long as you aren’t actively leaking, hopefully it will resolve in a few weeks!

I have only had one MRI since my operation in June. It was done at the end of November and showed a “large pseudomeningocele”. I have been discharged by my neurosurgeon as he said it will disperse (and he retires this spring). I am a bit concerned that no one is monitoring it but I was told if things get worse my GP can refer me again. The only problem is when my neurosurgeon retires there is only one other consultant to see and he is the one who told me the Chiari Malformation was “an incidental finding” and not to worry about it!!! I won’t be seeing him again.

Going to see a different neurosurgeon tomorrow. Had a new MRI done because things are getting worse. I am getting pain on bending or straining again and am back on painkillers. Really hope he has some suggestions for me. Anyone else had treatment for a pseudomeningocele a year after their operation? Not sure what the options are.