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Pressure in ears

I feel like I’m on a downward spiral symptoms wise I fall and feel horrible all the time… even with the meds my pain management doctor has me on. I feel like nothing works. But onto the topic of my ears probably about a month ago I have been experiencing pain in my ears kinda like an ear infection but i got checked for it, I have had intense sensitivity to loud sounds (my poor kids), and i feel pressure like when you take off on an airplane like all the time it never goes away. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever felt like this with Chiari.


@Abream I have problems with my ears as well. I’d like to follow this post because I am new to all this and need all the info I can get. I have the same pressure feeling, ringing in my ears, pain and sometimes they feel like the have fluid in them.

I’m close to 2 year post surgery and have been having ear trouble also. I’m 47 and have had multiple tubes in me ears. The latest be 1 1/2 years ago. Tube is now working it’s way out and the pain is horrible. Can’t hear again and the pressure…tibe helped for about a year. I didn’t correlate to chiari until I read this. Thank you. I will take this up with Pc next visit. Anyone talk to a Nero? I’m not being seen by one. Please keep post updated.