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Pressure behind left eye and migraine


I was diagnosed with Chiari a year and a half a go. I am currently experiencing migraines on the left side of my head, with a lot of pressure behind my left eye. This has occurred for 4/6 days. Is this a chiari symptom? Has anyone else experienced this?


You’re not alone, I also have pain behind left eye. In fact majority of all my symptoms are limited to my left side. In addition to pain medication, I find that heat is very useful in riding out my pain episodes. Plus laying down, without any stimulation. Specifically minimizing light and noise, length of episode is determined by degree of symptoms.

In addition I experience difficulties swallowing, and lately famished appetite.

My Chairi was discovered after being rear ended car accident. Several months of various treatment plans, before I demanded MRI of neck. Which clearly changed my life, along with a attitude change from Doctors. All of sudden “it being in my head”, became a serious issue that got their attention.

Had first surgery in 1983 some relief, approximately 18 months afterwards my symptoms worsen. Decided to seek treatment from more experienced doctors, luckily found Dr. Bolognese. He performed a redo that was successful. Recently past year symptoms have worsened in process of scheduling new visit with Dr. Bolognese. By the way it is now 15+ years since Dr. Bolognese redo.

Hope I have given you some help. Feel free to email ■■■■ if you have questions.

Good luck, wishing you relief and Improvement. All the best, Jeff