Preparing for decompression surgery

So I thought I would just jump on here and let people know how I’ve been preparing for my up coming surgery on Wednesday the 1st of July.

  1. Being grateful it can be hard not get upset at my body and the fact the it doesn’t function properly. But constantly thinking like this can get me down so I make a conscious effort to be grateful for the small things my body can do and do well. For example I know it seems silly but I does help, loving the crap out of my taste buds! I’ve been eating and cooking amazing food and drinking awesome coffee and wine and thanking my taste buds for it :rofl:

  2. More practical stuff like drinking and eating foods that bring inflammation down and are high vitamins. My thinking is that if I go in to hospital healthy then my body’s has more nutrients to recover with.

  3. Walking at least 30 mins a day. Again just being grateful that I can walk. As well keeping my fitness up

  4. Retail therapy! I have purched essential oils, candles, new bed sheets, pjs slippers. All in preparation for recovery in and out hospital.

And last but not least doing something thing for some one else this one was super important to me because chiari and Syringomyelia can often cause me to constantly be in my feelings. So the moment I was told I had to have surgery I stopped cutting my hair and let it grow out and decided to donate for real hair wigs. It’s a small gesture but it made me think about someone else and reminded me it could always be worse.
Hope this helps some one else.


All the very best for your surgery and recovery Abbielee! You won’t be reading this for a while now as your surgery was today, but it sounds like you’ve prepared yourself in all the best ways possible! :grinning: :+1: Be kind to yourself in recovery and take your time! There will be good days and some that a harder, but you WILL get there! Know that there are lots of Chiarians right behind you with support, advice and healing thoughts. Thinking of you! xx

Abbie… You seem to look at the glass half instead of half empty. Chiari can make you all kinds of emotional… Taking one day one moment at a time will get you on the road to recovery. Rest and sleep are sooo important so tune the world out. I meditate … Listen to Michael Sealy - his voice will send you to Sleepy Town every time if you allow it. Best of Luck - God Bless You!

Abbielee, please let us know how you are as soon as you can. We are thinking about you!