Prepare for Hospital Stay

When I learned last week that my surgery was scheduled for April 3rd I did the following:

1. Cancelled ALL appointments for April and rescheduled for May or June (these were dr appointments for the kids, husband, myself, and my mother).

2. Made a list of important numbers (siblings, friends, church, lawyer, etc). made 3 copies (for husband, mother, and one to put in my bag for hospital).

3. List of ALL doctors (with addresses and phone numbers), allergies, past surgeries, and medications I am taking now (will give a copy to husband and keep one in a folder in my hospital bag).

4. Found a "contact person" at church that will keep up with needs of the family (meals, transportation to appointments,etc)...also gave the person a list of gift card ideas, things I would like while I recover, and please NO real flowers, silk lasts longer and I tend to kill the living :)

5.Planned out the meals for the month of April (so husband does not have to ask what's for dinner) if someone brings a meal will save for another day...I also showed him how to use the SNAP card (food stamps) because I know he will have to do the shopping for awhile.

6. Made a check list of routines for the dear husband can keep up with what needs to be done (poor thing is tired when he gets home from work...that he is so used to me doing everything.

7. As for the's going have to long as my family is happy and I have time to is alright with me :)

I hope this list gave some ideas of what to do before surgery :) Not sure if this list has been shared are not..