Premature menopause... related to Chiari?


I recently have been told that I may be experiencing premature menopause and that my uterus is the size of a post menopausal women. I am 33 so this is very surprising to me. I have been having symptoms that make this diagnosis make sense to me however, my thought was why is this happening so early. Does it have anything to do with Chiari? I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks!

Hi kwiatkat, I hope you will find some shared experience here with other members but I just wanted to chip in to say that some recent studies have indicated that some 8 out of 100 women of childbearing age in the US will go through a natural premature menopause before the age of 40. So your Chiari may not be implicated although many medical conditions can be. I hope you find some answers from your doctors that allay any concerns you have as well as some support to cope with this unexpected 'change' if needed.

Well I technically don’t have chiari as my tonsils are not herniated enough according to current medical standard’s but at the age of 31 I found out from a female specialist that I estrogen levels that of a menopausal women and she was shocked I was still ovulating

And the male androgen DHEA was sky high and progesterone too high considering my low low estrodiol I was having severe hot flashes and weight gain/ edema and cystic acne. And panic attacks. Once I got on estrogen the hot flashes went away and cystic acne after she also put me on Spironolactone it brings male androgen down. I wanted to stop it the Spironolactone due to side effects she said only natural way is to keep insulin levels level so that’s when I stopped all sugar and starches. I was on good birth control as it prevention of migraines plus I could build up estrogen and not a single cystic acne since getting on pill but if I eat sugar starches I’ll get pimples at least not cystic acne but I haven’t touched sugar in 6+ year’s and I was a candy gummy bear, taffy you name it I ate it addicted to sugar but I can say honestly as long as I keep my protein and especially good fat’s up zero cravings :slight_smile: I do still at times crave bread and chips, tortilla chips I think one reason is I’m always nauseous but 2 I have always loved tortilla chips especially Lol

So I don’t know about the uterus situation I guess you have had a transvaginal ultrasound? I’m guessing that’s how they found out about yours. I’ve had it done thankfully everything was normal with this test.

I definitely suggest seeing a female OB GYN as men OBGYNs tend to miss low estrogen levels

I no longer have hot flashes either :slight_smile: I’m on Sprintec as its what works best for me because no need for the birth control part :wink: there’s more natural ways like the Climara patch it’s bio identical to your own hormone estrodial it’s the healthy estrogen as there are unhealthy one’s can’t remember names sorry
I’m 39 now although feel like I’m 89 Lol at least I’m guessed that I’m 25 top’s :wink: