Pregnancy after decompression

Hi all! I had my chiari and basal invagination surgery 12 years ago. I have had no issues since then. All MRIs have come back fine since then. I am now 33 weeks pregnant have csection scheduled in 6 weeks. Anybody have any experience with epidural or spinal blocks after surgery?

Jeanna, no experience with the spinal block- but congratulations on the baby and having a successful surgery!!!

Thank you everyone! Nykki and Rebecca what type of anesthesia did y’all use? If you don’t mind me asking.

Okay thank you for your reply! I’m so happy that things worked out well for you… I’m glad to hear that you had an epidural and that it worked out. I feel that I will have a csection with epidural.

i have a question so you have chiari and your going to have a baby will your baby have chiari too?

i want kids but im sick and i promised i wouldnt put my child through that

From the research I’ve done and heard from neurologist it can be hereditary but I believe the last statistic I heard was a 15% chance of passing it to baby. I wanted to be a mom more than anything so my husband and I decided it was worth the risk. I had a very good surgery and a good outcome so far so that helped in making our choice.

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Jeanna, I think you and your husband made an excellent choice! You know we’re all hooked now, so will need updates on you and your baby regularly!

Thank you everyone and I definitely will give updates! I know there will be lots of ladies with the same question that I have and hopefully will be able to give them some in site!! As for DylanAesthetic I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but if you disagree with my morals then you are more than welcome to leave my discussion. I know the risks involved and I know how small the chance of passing chiari down is. I’ve had a very life since I had my surgery, doctor said it’s probably because of my positive attitude and not letting this condition run my life. I’m sorry that you disagree with my choices, however I don’t care. So please leave my discussion if negativity is all you have to offer.

Jeanna, yes other women have your same question- now we have more good info for the archives :). Positivity and support help us get from A to B, whatever our question or issues. Comments and posts are welcome as long as they are done in the SPIRIT of SUPPORT. Jeanna you and your husband are about to gift man kind with a sweet, special, and unique spirit all his or her own. That is a true gift and reason for celebration.