Pre op fear vent and can't figure how to add

well today, actually later this morning I am to go to the hospital for the first operation. My NS says that if the fusion of my neck does no "fix" my problems he will look into doing the decompression surgery. Here is what I do not understand, he look at the MRI from my local hospital and tells me that my chiari isn't aggressive and should not be causing any problems, but when he looks at the CINE MRi he gets all frown faced and says that I need the neck fusion to help slow the progression of the chiari.

WTF, it can't be both can it? I am so confused and I think this is why I am really scared to have the fusion? IF anybody is good at adding events, please add my surgery for neck fusion is for later this morning. I have to report to the hospital in under 6 hoursand I can't sleep either -insomnia.

Done cause no eat or drink, either


Michael, a lot of the questions you post here are serious questions that you should be asking your doctor. The people who post on this site are not doctors but suffers like you and although we have experienced much, we aren't doctors. Ask all these questions and then once you are sure all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, proceed with that knowledge in the direction you feel is best for you. Only you know what that is. No one else can know despite having a similar condition. It's about what feel right to you. When in doubt, get the information you neeed. I am thinking you are having this surgery with the doctor I recommended to you. If so, he will answer all your questions and if you aren't satisfied with his answers, ask more questions. Don't settle until you are certain in your mind and heart that you are doing what is best for your health. Doctors aren't miracle workers but they are trained and you are going to one of the best in this field. He is very knowledgeable and has published research on Chiari symptoms and treatments. Use him for more than just the surgery but he knowledge you need to make the best decisions about your health. Use this site and the feedback as well but know that this condition affects each and every one of us differently. What might work for me won't necessarily work for you. My experience won't be your experience. You have to pray, have faith in God and empower yourself with real knowledge as to what is the best course of treatment for your health. I pray that this surgery brings you much needed relief.

I would be asking your Dr this? If you still confused then keep asking questions. You should be comfortable with the reason why you are getting the surgery and what you are expecting to achieve from the surgery. When I had my surgery on my intestines 7 months ageo. I was asking all kinds of question and telling the Dr what he was not allowed to do either. There was two things I was standing my ground on. The day of the surgery I wrote it in big letter on a paper. I took it with me the day of my surgery and had the nurse tape it next to me on the bed so the Dr could see it. Wanted to make sure he did not forget what we talked about. Praying for you and that this surgery helps you. Keep us posted.


I asked him prior to surgery and I got the answer that this was to be done to stabilize my neck prior to any decompression surgery do to the cervical stenosis is placed moderate pressure on my spinal cord. He also told me this would not clear the blockage of CSF flow. He wants to see what symptoms clear up if any do and proceed from there.

Finally he recommended me to a NL who is knowledgable in CM. His first question to me was how is your chiari and what other conditions do you suffer. what symptoms do you have from chiari? so now it is getting better, slowly and making progress

So glad to hear from you. I think you are on your way to getting the answers you seek and hopefully the treatment plan you need to get better. Please keep us posted. I was so tempted to call the hospital to check on you today. smile.

I had fusion at c5,6,7 and the electrical shocks and numbness in my right went away, thankfully cause thats my dom hand. What it did for me after surgery it took away some of the symptoms away but it did make the others more noticable