Post surgery

Hi all, I had surgery 5 weeks ago and I still feel weak, sore and nauseous. Can anyone tell me at what point I’ll begin to feel any better. Thanks

I'd say everybody heals at their own pace. Sorry you're experiencing this, but I would say it could take up to a year with baby step improvements week to week.

Wish you well


Allison, I’m sorry you are feeling bad still :frowning: At 5 weeks I was still very weak- i was planning on returning to work at 4 weeks (surgeons suggestion) but there was absolutely no way! I returned at 2.5 months. I had NO stamina for months, and didn’t start to feel like myself until around 7 months. Have you tried nausea meds? Are sleeping good? Are you having any heart palpitations? Are you having any fevers?