Post Surgery

I had my surgery on July 11th at Duke in NC by Dr. Carrie Muh. The surgery consisted of making the incision in my neck, peeling back the muscle (not cutting through), cutting into the dura, removing the c1, and separating the tonsils from my spinal cord. She said the tonsils were so inflammed and full of fluid if I would’ve waited much longer they could’ve ruptured. The tonsils were down about 2.5 cm. There were arachnoid adhesions holding the tonsils to the spinal cord that she had to disect. Once the tonsils were off my spinal cord heat was applied to make them retract and the patch was put in. The sugery lasted about 4 hours. I was only in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday. It’s been a challenge being home but ive been doing a little bit everyday to keep the muscles loose. On Saturday before I got discharged I walked the floors. Sunday once I woke up and loosened up those muscles I walked to visit sone neighbors down the road. Everyday I try to do something but not overdo it. The worse time for pain is at night and in the morning. I was perscribed hydrocodone and valiums which seem to be doing the trick for the most part. I try to just take extra strength tylenol during the day and save the narcs for the nights and mornings. This routine has proven good for me. Now onto another aspect of the surgery that nobody brought up to me before hand … the post foley cath pain!!! That hurts worse than my freaking neck!!! I look like a retarded pinguin walking around!! I went to my doctor and she gave me meds for yeast and urinary tract infections just to cover all the bases but damn! How long does it hurt!! When I cry from pain it’s usually due to that, not my neck.

I just want to reiterate that my surgeon was Carrie Muh at Duke. Herself and her entire team were absolutely amazing. She’s a pediatric neurosurgeon so if you are looking for a good surgeon for your child or if you have Chiari II she is the woman to see!!! Chiari surgeries are a normal procedure for her and she’s very experienced.
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