Post-op Experience Day 10

I am 10 days post-op and have had terrible pain and anxiety the last two days. The pain seems to be mainly located in the back of my neck and around the incision area, some of the worst pain yet. Did any of y’alls pain seem to be getting worse around this time? Is this normal? Anyone have any tips to help me sleep?

Granted I’m 4 years post op so I’m trying to remember as much as I can but around this time was some of my most severe pain. Pain enough to cause me to throw up so severely that I ripped my internal sutures thus causing more pain lol (what a cycle). But it do start to dull around the 3rd ish week post op. I do remember to sleep the most comfort I could find was to to sleep sitting up on the couch and creating a nest of pillow and blankets to keep me upright. It does get better as hard as that is to envision during the pain.

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Thank you so much for getting back with me! I was beginning to think no one was on this anymore. Today was an awful day
As soon as I say up this am I had that horrific pressure headache and starting throwing up non stop!! So glad to hear this all gets better soon.

I am four years post op also but I do remember that time right after surgery. I completely agree with the advice of sleeping more upright. I actually bought a wedge pillow and also used a neck pillow. One of those little neck pillows are so nice to have because it helps support your head especially if u lay on your side. One thing i learned really fast not to do was I missed a medicine dose. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night like I should of and I hurt so bad the next day. I remember the worst pain and head pressure. So whatever your Dr prescribed it helped me to take them on time. I was also prescribed nausea medicine which helped. Try not to do much just take it easy. Like Johnathan said this will pass and get better around the third week. I know how you feel and it is an unexplainable feeling but you will be on the other side soon. Take care!

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I’m 1 month post op tomorrow, and for the first two weeks (and then off and on when I’ve had leaks that have had to be resutured…long story), I slept most comfortably in a recliner.

Regarding the anxiety, I didnt have as much anxiety specifically, but my God the nightmares i had for a week and a half after surgery! Every single time i closed my eyes I’d end up with some disjointed nightmare that would just kill my rest. Needless to say it did let up eventually. Hopefully the anxiety passes when you get more relief and answers!

My advice overall would be don’t hesitate to call your surgeon’s office if something feels or looks strange or if you just don’t feel right about something. I was on pain meds and muscle relaxers for two weeks after surgery and didn’t really have much pain except for my occipotal nerve which is still mad at me a little. Best wishes in your recovery!

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Hi i too had terrible pain about ten days post op. I thought i was over the worst after a week and then bam the worst pain ever. It lasted about six days and then started to pass. I was readmitted to hospital during that time. Make you get enough rest moving forward as i find tiredness my biggest enemy. Good luck .

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Be sure that they are monitoring infection. I was also in a lot of pain post op and three weeks later I had to undergo another surgery to remove the massive staph infection they put in my head (it was determined that one of the screws from the plate started the infection). I’m now almost seven years post op and in a lot of pain every day because of the damage done by the infection. They call it Osteomyelitis. Make sure you’re getting checked regularly for any possible infection because bones have almost no ability to fight bacteria due to low blood flow.

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I am 8 days post op and woke up to an extreme pressure headache. Yesterday i feel like i was just so mean to everyone because my whole body hurt so bad.

How are you feeling now? Hope you’re recovering well.

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Hello! Going in week 4 post op! I must say the surgery was nothings compared to the recovery!! First week wasn’t so bad but it seems the headaches along with the nausea just keep getting worse! I dread getting up and down or needing to turn over ect. I’m confused about taking meds because I’m fearful of rebound headaches. I have a few Tylenol codiene left which I only take at night because nights and mornings seem to be the worst. Also have fioricet which I was told causes the rebound headaches. They gave me zofron for nausea but it doesn’t seem to be working. Praying this resides before too long! Ant of this sound familiar or don’t advice would be appreciated.

We’re youndizzy? I find I’m a little dizzy as well. Just so depressing to seeem to be getting worse. Why did they re admit you to hospital?

Hi i was readmitted because the pain was so intense. I still have dizziness try not to look up or make sudden movements as this could set it off. Good luck in you tecovery. Its a long haul.

Check out “Dizziness and Chiari” under the Newbies Guide to Chiari. The exercises work great for when you get dizzy from moving your head.

If your headache does not get better or the pressure feeling does not go away, call your doctor and go see him. These types of symptoms right after surgery are not something to try and tough out. Infection from surgery can be a very real thing and you need to get it addressed right away. I had a staph infection in my head and I did not have a fever but had extreme pressure in my head. I told the doctors that told me nothing was wrong that eventually my head was going to blow open, AND it did. A quart or more of infection came spewing out of the place where the two incision met and it was like a volcano coming out of my head. I had a titanium plate in my head which had to be removed because of the staph infection. Please don’t ignore pressure in your head after surgery if it continues. The doctors are there for you to see, and that is how they make their bread and butter. Go see your doctor if you are feeling weird or have a new symptom, a fever, leaking, bleeding. Ignoring something that is making you sick after having something as major as brain surgery is not a good idea. I hope this helps some and my prayers go out to you and others that you all will feel better soon.