Post-Op appointment was today

I went in today for my post-op appointment. I saw the nurse practitioner instead of the surgeon, but she has been in all my appointments, plus she was in the surgery and I saw her multiple times while I was in the hospital.

She was very happy with how the lumbar drain site fact, she could not find it at all. I pointed it out and she could feel the pin-prick spot that is left and was quite happy with that.

My zipper she said was looking pretty good, but part of it is still swollen. She said to make sure I am putting ice on it a couple of times a day...which I do anyway because it helps with the itching. She said to start walking around the house a bit to get a bit of exercise. She also said that I can now use a wet washcloth when I'm in the shower to gently rub the incision area to start working the glue off (they used glue not stitches/staples).

I'm still not released to do anything and I will go back to see her in a month and hopefully then I will be released to do starts back on the 13th of August for teachers, and I was sorta hoping I'd get to start back but it is looking more and more like I will not be able to. :(

She answered my questions, and said that if certain things happen again that we are supposed to call her (or nurse/doc on call) and they may have me go back to the if the major issues I had all day on Sunday when I kinda wanted to cut my head off to make the pain stop we are supposed to call.

Overall she was happy with my progress. I'm just concerned that I am going to start feeling better (like yesterday and today) and the sitting around and doing nothing is going to start driving me nuts. I am going to do my best to be good, but it is going to start being hard.