Post op and actually alert!

So I had my decompression last night and I’m actually feeling pretty good. I’m down to just percocets and have some stiffness, but otherwise feel good! No longer have the pressure in my forehead! Yay.

That’s awesome! Rest up and take it slow and keep us posted.

Please let us know how it goes post op you are giving me hope.

Elisa, its actually gone better then I thought. The pain is manageable with the meds. And comparing to the CSF blockage headaches, its not bad! The first day in the hospital was rough, but the meds helped. Don’t try to be superman! I am taking valium twice a day and percocet three times a day. My only bad spells were twice when i was tired so i just went to sleep with no meds. Was in quite a bit of pain when i woke up. I am hoping to do an in detail blog. Still tired and sleeping a lot though.

Happy to hear it Becky-Kelley!