Post lumbar puncture

I had a lumbar puncture almost a week ago. I am about 12 post decompression and have had some swelling in my neck area. After the lumbar puncture, the swelling went down but now it is swelling again. Anyone ever have this happen? What was the outcome? I have a call into my neurosurgeon but haven’t heard back yet. When I had the LP the dr said my CSF pressure was a little high so he drained some off. I’ve had a headache but Ive had worse headaches so I’m dealing with it but the swelling bothers me. I am planning on going back to work in two weeks, I have a VERY physically demanding job and am a little worried but the bills are pilling up and I need to get back to work. FMLA has run out and no other options. Would love some feedback from u guys. Thanks.

I am twelve weeks post op.

Thanks Emmaline. Haven’t heard back from th NS yet but will keep u guys posted. The swelling isnt bad or anything but I can feel it when I rub my Jane over the back of my neck. There is a small raised area.
I just want to make sure everything is ok.