Possible Headache Relief

Hi everyone!!! I haven't been around all that much lately...which is a good thing! I've been feeling really well!!! Warmer weather just does me wonders. Plus I've been busy with work and school. Boo! But, anyway....I stumbled across this earlier, and I know Chiari headaches are a little different than normal, but ya never know right? It could help someone! Even if it doesn't help the headaches, the ingredients are SOOOOO good for you!!! I hope you can see the pic. If not, let me know, I'll fix it!!!

411-MigraineRelief.jpg (77 KB)

I do too Emmanline! I've tried to go as natural as possible with my treatment. And, aside from Neurontin, which has done wonders, everything I do or take is all natural!

Emmaline said:

Great idea! Love the natural way...

You bet Abby! Let us all know if you have any success or relief with it!!!

Abby said:

I am going to try it.