Please help-confused about test results

Hi Everyone,

Hope it is low pain day for you! I'm excited about my visit to Dr.B next week but just got the results of my myelogram and I'm very confused. I will post the results here & welcome any feedback. His office has been faxed a copy.


It says no tonsillar ectopia which from what I'm read is the same as Chiari. I do have bulging discs from C3-C7 but I am just so confused.

If anyone could read the doc. and let me know, I would certainly appreciate it!


Beth Radigan

Yes. it was ordered from my NS but he just wants to treat me with steriod injections( no thanks, I have predisone cataracts) and PT. The PT said she would not touch me till I saw Dr. B.

Thanks Emmaline!

Have a great weekend!