Chiari Online Support Group

Please: Do not post MRIs


In an effort to keep our community positive, safe and supportive, we must ask members not to post MRIs on the site and ask for input on them.

This is a peer support community: we are equals, here to share our common experiences with Chiari and to support each other in dealing with this challenging and difficult condition. We are not doctors nor are we in any way qualified to give a medical opinion on anything as complex as an MRI.

Moreover, even if we were medically qualified to offer an opinion (and we are aware that we do have members who might possibly be) it would be extremely irresponsible of us to pretend to diagnose or to give an opinion on something as crucial as this, without having seen the patient or having their complete file in front of us.

As much as we totally understand how anxious everyone is for input and answers, an opinion from an anonymous stranger with unverified (or no) qualifications can only, in the end, make things more difficult for you. Having a diagnosis (or a possibility) of Chiari Syndrome is difficult enough. Please don’t invite needless second-guessing, incorrect information, more anxiety and baseless doubt into your decision making by posting your MRI. If you do, we will remove it.

If you have a special reason for wishing to post an MRI, please contact Moderator Support for permission first.

Your Moderator Support Team (TJ, Seenie and Meli)

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