Pituitary gland

Of the many questions I have asked, there is at least one I have missed! :-)

On my first NS exam, when going over my MRI with the neuro nurse, she noted that my pituitary was "enlarged," but not "significantly." It seemed to bother her a tad, but she offered no reasons why it would be...she didn't seem to know why.

To mention, she noted that at the same time she showed me that my brain stem was "thickened"....geeze, with all this brain stuff going on, it's a wonder I can even think or complete sentences. Kind of unnerving.....

Did anyone else's MRI show this with the pituitary, and what were the potential causes? I posted about the brain stem, and the potential cause was scarring...makes sense to me. I must have a sandpaper chiari...haha (just kidding).


No my daughter has not had this that we know of. After she was diagnosed with CM we did go to every doc and tried every therapy and pill under the sun. Found a FANTASTIC endocrinologist who was beyond thorough. She found nothing off but it just made the CM look more like the cause of her issues.

Don't know if an endo could help you out here. Maybe... :)

Dr Oro's office were the only ones to say something about my Pituitary gland from the MRIs I took to them. They said it was compressed.

My female hormones have always been off so I wonder if this contributed to it. I have been very regular since surgery.