Physical Medicine Dr?

Hello all-

Curious if anyone has been to a Physical Medicine specialist and/or been diagnosed with chiari from these physicians? I've been seeing a neurologist for neck pain/headaches for about a year. I'm frustrated with his lack of concern, or at least that's the vibe I'm getting. I did have a brain MRI which did not show my chiari. I was put on nortriptyline for pain management, which is not helping. My neurologist referred me to physical medicine, which I will see in a couple weeks. I'm frustrated that since I do not have any neurological defects(numbness, tingling in arms, weakness) that my symptoms are brushed under the rug. I keep telling him that a 33 year old should not be suffering from daily headaches and neck pain.

LOL, I feel stupid but I am not sure what a physical medicine doctor is? Is that like a rehab doctor?

How did you find out you had Chiari in the first place, who did the initial diagnosis? Most people find out because it is seen on their MRI.

I totally understand your frustration, it sucks to be bounced from doctor to doctor, hoping for relief. I hope the physical doctor put you on the right path to healing.

It's a rehab doctor, sorry. :) I'm not really even sure what this appointment will entail......

Definitely. I know some great Physical Medicine Specialists. My daughter sees an amazing one. I would recommend them to anyone. They are wonderful diagnosticians.

Thank you TracyZ! I'm hoping to make some progress at this next appointment.