Persistence of symptoms

Evening all,

I was wondering if anyone else has the sensation that I can best describe as feeling like the skin on my thighs is cracking and peeling apart??? I wouldn’t exactly say it’s painful, per se. It’s definitely uncomfortable and disconcerting. I also get a pins-and-needles sensation at the same time. It happens mostly when I’m laying down (especially on my back, but does happen on my side too). I’ve noticed it when I’m crouched down at work too. It makes it hard to find a comfy position at night. It almost feels like RLS.

Anyone else have this problem??? I had decompression surgery on July 21st of this year. I would classify it as less than successful as most of my symptoms have returned, although less severe…except this leg thing.



Yes, I have had such funny things going on in my right leg. I got some neurodynamic exercises from a physical therapist to work on the actual physical nerves. The thigh bit is much better. I now seem to be chasing funny neuro feelings around my body but over all it is waaay better. If you are interested I could rustle up some more information.

Ooh I get a hot sensation sometimes on different parts of my back upper thigh, it really gets hot on a tiny area and then disappears!! Is this another symptom?

Thanks all for replying. I can’t really say that I experience a hot sensation, more ice cold than anything. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like my skin is being ripped apart, and I feel tingling/numbness when I lay on my back.

I’ve had a couple MRIs since my surgery…no sciatica, no pinched nerves, no other disc herniations. We’re also concerned about MS. So far there’s been no lesions found, but there’s a very small percentage of the population that never test positive diagnostically but are symptomatic.

Prior to my surgery I would get places on my skin that felt like match was being held to them. It went away post-op so I definitely think it was a Chiari symptom!

Don't give up hope on your surgery yet. Honestly it can take a full year or even longer to fully recover! Especially from nerve damage. My NS told me that nerve damage is the last to heal and this certainly sounds like a nerve issue.

Do you take any vitamins? A deficiency in B12 can cause a lot of weird nerve symptoms as well.